Paper Lily Sheet Music

Paper Lily

Below you will find sheet music from previous Paper Lily piano arrangements.

Paper Lily is a RPGMaker-style horror game developed by Leef 6010. Chapter 1 was released January 31, 2023. If you enjoy these, please support the developers by playing Paper Lily Chapter 1 on!

This sheet music is released under permission from Leef 6010 and is intended for your own personal use. Please do not reupload or redistribute on other websites. All rights reserved to Crawk and plasterbrain.



10 A Single White Lily (一輪の白百合) / Sheet Music / Piano Tutorial
12 Theme of LACIE (レイシーのテーマ) (Trailer Ver.) / Sheet Music / Piano Tutorial
15 Against All Odds (困難を越えて) / Sheet Music / Piano Tutorial

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Last updated 2023-05-21